Dear Scott Ward Schofield Memorial Fund members,

Please find attached some photos of JC at the recent camp where he went on all the children's activities which included the Melbourne Zoo, Science Works and the Melbourne Museum. A special treat was the Butterfly Show at the Zoo where the children all learnt the life cycle of the butterflies and were able to be inside the enclosure. There are many more photos of all the things he has seen including lions, tigers, elephants, etc. JC was up racing the other children along with taking his own photos around the parks.

JC loved attending the camp and the family that now have him for permanent care also very much enjoyed themselves. JC's new family that have cared for him as a foster child off and on from birth are a beautiful family and his older siblings all helped out care and mentor for the younger children there as well. This gave Therese and Neville the opportunity to stay at the conference and learn as much as they could about EB care, attending workshops and listening to guest speakers. The networks and friendships formed will be invaluable.

Thank you so much for supporting this family to attend the camp, we at DEBRA Australia are sincerely grateful. The camp is only held every 2 to 3 years due to costs involved and time taken to secure grants. We look forward to being in touch in the future to see if there will be another opportunity to support a family to attend.

Kindest regards,