Amy Price

When the Scott Ward Schofield Memorial Fund offered me and my boyfriend the chance to go to Florida I was amazed. The charity runs in the name of Scott Schofield who, like myself, suffered from Epidermolysis Bullosa. A disease in which even the slightest knock or rub of the skin can cause tearing, blisters and immense pain. The charity ensures that people who suffer from EB can make some great, lasting memories and really enjoy the time they have with their families through offering holidays, short breaks and days out to people who may not otherwise get the chance due to cost, and the time it takes to plan a holiday for a person with EB.

I had been wanting to go to Florida for ages and in a matter on months, the charity made my wish come true. They ensured that all my medical needs as far as flying and accommodation were met as they have experience and knowledge of what it is like to travel with someone with EB. I had a really wonderful time and got to experience a lot of amazing things whiles I was there such as, Disneyland Florida parks, swimming with Dolphins, Airboats ride, going to the beach, Seaworld and enjoying the American sunshine.

I know that I personally have been campaigning for more charity monies to go to experiences like this, as they can make such a difference to a persons life, and can also give long lasting memories, not only to the sufferer but to the families too which is why I believe the Scott Ward Schofield Memorial Fund to be such an important charity both to the lives of people living with EB and their families.