Aims of the Scott Ward Schofield Memorial Fund

Not only do we aim to raise awareness of Epidermolysis Bullosa, we also want to help those who have to live with it every single day and whose life expectancy is significantly reduced because of the condition.

Epidermolysis Bullosa sufferer's often spend a lot time in and out of hospitals. The daily routine of agonizing dressing changes can get extremely challenging at times and put a massive strain not only on the sufferer, but also on the whole family.

Holidays, and short breaks can provide a much needed break from this routine, and provide happiness and joy these special people desperately need.


OUR MISSION - We can’t stop time but we can provide special moments that count.

OUR VISION - Ease the stress of everyday suffering & give a reason to smile.

Committee members who all give their time for free for this worthwhile Fund:-

  • Alison Ganson
  • Christine Muller
  • Viv Robinson
  • Bernadine Graham
  • Jeannette Appleton
  • Elaine Fallows

For more information about the charity please dont hesitate to contact us.